Oh, the weather outside is brighter and more beautiful than ever. And with it comes summer road trips, swells of sunshine and a sea of cyclists looking to share the sunny weather. That’s why we have to be extra cautious as we take to the streets, keeping our eyes peeled for any two-wheeled, pedaling machines. Please, ride along, as Caliber shares some things to keep in mind to help you stay mindful of those around you on the road.


Bike lanes exist for a reason: bicyclists. Not only do they tell the cyclist where they’re allowed to ride, they tell drivers where not to drive. In addition to steering clear, we have to make sure we don’t park in their lane, too. When you obstruct a bike lane, the bicyclist must swerve into traffic or onto the sidewalk, endangering other pedestrians. In fact, some states are cracking down with new laws banning parking in bike lanes. So, let’s all do our best to respect it, or ticket.


One of the benefits of bicycling is there are no engines involved; however, that means there is very little noise involved, which can make it difficult to know they’re there. So always double-check your surroundings before merging. Similarly, don’t assume cyclists can hear you coming. They’re hearing a barrage of noises: other cars, construction, people yelling for taxis – heaven forbid they have headphones in – so they’re relying on you to give them space.


Ever notice how cyclists seem to avoid parked cars like the plague? Well, there’s a reason: it’s called being “doored.” It’s what they call when a parked car unexpectedly swings its door open, landing the cyclist in a world of hurt. So, lets try to keep those doors closed, and our eyes open.

At the end of the day, we all have to share the road. Not one life has more right of way than any other, and we must work, drive and pedal together in order to keep each other safe. So, next time you hit the road, hit the brakes – and make sure everyone around you is safe.