The official first day of summer isn’t for a couple weeks, but we’re already feeling the heat. And as those temperatures go up, people start looking for new ways to get out, getaway and get a little R&R. But instead of taking to the sky and flying north for the summer, we recommend staying grounded and enjoying a road trip through your own backyard: America, the beautiful. So, ride shotgun as we take you through some of our country’s best summer road trip routes.


Tucked away inside the Gila National Forest, this 110-mile adventure ventures through some of New Mexico’s oldest and most stunning landscapes. It all starts in the infamous Silver City, a mining town known for its silver boom in the 1800s, and continues through the Pinos Altos Mountains. But one important stop is at the Cliff Dwellings, which is essentially a community built into the side of cliff and overlooking limitless views. It’s not a long trip, but the memories are nothing short of long-lasting.


If you don’t want to book a flight, but you’re looking for ways to get up, up, and away, this mountain top meander is right up your alley. Cascade Loop, often called the Alps of America, is a gorgeous 400-mile route that runs through the colossal Cascade Mountains and all of its accompanying mountain towns. Cutting through nine districts, it’s one of the only trips you could finish in three days, or three weeks. But if you make your way up there, we recommend slowing things down and taking it all in.


This is by far our longest road trip, as it stretches 3,020 miles, connecting Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Oregon. The I-90, coast-to-coast transcontinental freeway covers the entire country, spanning 12 states and countless views. Make a quirky pit stop at the Circus Museum or World’s Smallest Church, or explore the Wind and Jewel Caves and make a side road trip through the stunning Yellowstone. With 3,000 miles of play, it’s fair to say I-90 is as lovely as it is long.


It wouldn’t be a list of great road trips without the most famous route in American history: Route 66. Also known as Will Rogers Highway, Route 66 was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. Its famous roadside attractions and association with 40’s and 50’s nostalgia has put Route 66 on the map forever. Take a trip down decades of memories with this 2,500 lane starting in Chicago and ending at the Santa Monica Pier. It’s no wonder they call it the Mother Road.


If these scenic routes haven’t struck your fancy, and you’re looking for some twists, turns and tenacious territory, look no further than the Tail of the Dragon. Only 11 miles long, Tail of the Dragon is considered one of America’s most exciting – and somewhat dangerous – drives. But don’t worry: you won’t need the Gigahorse to get it done. White knuckle your way through mountains, meandering roads and obstructed views. Notice, we didn’t say the views were vast or beautiful, because you don’t tackle Tail of the Dragon to sightsee – the road itself is the sight to see.

There you have it! Some of America’s most scenic routes to road trip this summer. So, what’re you waiting for? Get out there and getaway for the weekend, or even the whole week. Just make sure you keep your eyes on the road when you’re behind the wheel. The views are a sight to see, but the last thing we’d want to see is you ending up in one of our shops. However, if you do, we’ll be sure to take great care of you and restore the rhythm of your life.