The North American International Auto Show, more commonly referred to as the Detroit Auto Show, is arguably the most-anticipated auto gathering of the year. One of the largest collections of the world’s top auto innovators congregate, serving as a global stage for companies to debut their most ambitious additions to the auto world. And while we’re only a few days into the festivities, we can already tell the road ahead is guaranteed to be an exciting one.

This year, the Detroit Auto Show aims to focus on Automobili-D; difficult to say, but exciting to see unfold. The Automobili-D exposition centers around the rapidly evolving automotive landscape, and will feature a dynamic display of communities that marry the world of auto innovation and technology. Each unique community of companies and tech start-ups will cover five key mobility areas: autonomous driving, connected car technologies, e-mobility, mobility services and urban mobility. These areas promise to introduce some exciting advancements, and of course, some awesome automobiles.

Now, the Detroit Auto Show is literally filled to the brim with some of the coolest vehicles on four rims. But it’s clear a few already have people revving their engines.


The first day of the Detroit Auto Show is always one filled with fanfare and fantastic spectacles, but one smaller car stole the show. The 2017 Chevy Bolt was dubbed North American Car of the Year – a pretty golden achievement for a green car. The 238-mile electric hatchback will be the first-ever mass-priced electric car with a range longer than 200 miles. Plus, with a substantial federal tax credit, this little number’s numbers dip just below $30,000. We guess it’s true: going green really will save you some green.


It’s happening; it’s finally happening. The heavily sought-after and anxiously anticipated VW Bus is coming back. But not like we’ve ever seen it before. Volkswagen revealed the concept for its new Microbus-styled I.D. BUZZ (Get it? Like bus?), which features a completely electric powertrain that not only gets up to 270 miles, but will also include electric motors at both axels capable of producing 369hp. And if that wasn’t enough, the BUZZ will allow drivers to switch between manual and fully-autonomous driving. But let’s be honest: as long as it looks cool and can carry a surfboard on the roof, we’re happy.


It’s not uncommon for the Detroit Auto Show to kick off with a bang, but this year, one unlikely star may have stolen the show from day one. Designed by their driverless car business, Waymo, the Google Van is yet another fully-autonomous driving vehicle, but with a special twist: it doesn’t have to be a van. Google partnered with Fiat Chrysler to implement its driving technologies, but plans to offer an option to automakers wherein they receive a ready-made package of self-driving equipment that can be integrated into mainstream vehicles. Truly a perfect example of auto and tech colliding to create a smart, savvy solution for drivers everywhere.

It’s always so exciting to see advancements in this industry we love so much. We must say: 2017 is already shaping up to be a truly remarkable year for both automobiles and drivers alike. We encourage you to join us as we follow the Detroit Auto Show and see which vehicles will be hitting the road in the new year. And if your current vehicle hits a little more than just road, we’ll be here to restore the rhythm of your life.