At Caliber, we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to the newest auto trends. As summer heats up, we think it’s a pretty cool time to take a look in the rearview and share some of our favorite developments in 2017. From the assembly line to the asphalt, vehicles are improving in just about every way with bigger vehicles, more technology and better materials. So join us as we take a trip going over some of the year’s most interesting automotive advancements.

While fully-automated driving may seem like something straight out of the movies, it’s actually not as far down the road as we think. However, in the meantime, assisted driving technology is already a hot commodity for cars here and now. Our vehicles are getting smarter by the year with a multitude of sensors ranging from telling us when we’re driving too close to the line, to keeping a constant watch on our blind spots. Gone are the days of relying on mirrors alone to back up or change lanes. Rear, side, and even aerial view cameras are changing the way we drive, for the better. In fact, as of May 2018, all new cars will be required by law to come equipped with a rearview camera. Step by step, these improvements are closing the gap between now and a hands-free future.

Nowadays, the most popular vehicle in America is neither car, nor minivan, nor SUV, but a little bit of all three. Enter the crossover, a vehicle built on a car frame with sport-utility vehicle functionality. As of 2017, crossover sales have accounted for over a third of all new auto sales, pushing auto makers like Ford and Chevy to crank out brand new models in response. With the number of families increasing every year, people are wanting a car with easy accessibility, as well as one that fits all of the knickknacks of parenthood and groceries on top of that. The crossover seems to be a perfect fit for young Americans, meaning we’re sure to see more in the upcoming years.

Not only are cars getting sleaker, they’re also getting smarter. Phone-to-car connections have become standard in most makes, giving drivers the convenience of phone calls or wireless music on the go, but the newest trend in car tech expands to other cars on the road as well. Vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V, communication is a Wi-Fi-like system that shares weather, speed, sudden braking, accidents, and more, meaning an increased awareness of what’s beyond your line of sight. They may not carry conversations with you just yet, but cars will certainly be talking to one another, making for safer roads as these systems are further developed.

With trends as exciting as these on the horizon, we hope you’re as revved up as we are to see what’s in store for vehicles in 2018 and beyond. Buckle up for the future, because the next few years promise to be some of the most innovative the automobile industry has seen yet. And as cars continue to evolve, no matter the shape or size, we’ll always be there in times of need to restore you to the rhythm of your life.