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Winter weather is here and, as the temperature declines, so do driving conditions. To help you arrive safely to every holiday event this season, our Caliber Collision team has pulled together our top 12 safety tips to ring in the holidays and continue Restoring the Rhythm of your Life®.

Day 1: Check your battery. Make traveling a positive experience. If your car battery hasn't been changed in three years, you might need a new one. Many auto stores will test it for free.

Day 2: Put away your cell phone. Especially in winter conditions, you have to keep your eyes on the road to see your family get there safely.

Day 3: Replace your wiper blades. You should change them twice a year, and always scrape your windows before using your wipers and you'll see a jolly road ahead.

Day 4: Hide your valuables. When you pack your car full of presents, make sure they're out of view or they'll be a gift for someone else.

Day 5: Check your tire pressure. Don't take the air out of your trip - low tires decrease traction in wintry conditions.

Day 6: Increase your following distance. In low visibility, a good rule of thumb is 5 to 6 seconds to avoid wrecking your sleigh.

Day 7: Get a winter kit. Be fully prepared for any seasonal surprises with an ice scraper, kitty litter for traction, flashlight, jumper cables and blankets. Many stores carry all-in-one kits.

Day 8: Be careful not to block your view. We know you have lots of presents to bring, but don't pile them so high that you can't see out your rear window.

Day 9: Don't use cruise control in icy conditions. Get a handle on your holidays – if your car skids or hydroplanes it will accelerate to maintain speed and you will lose control of your vehicle.

Day 10: Check the weather before you leave. Conditions along your path can be naughty. Check your entire route - not just the destination.

Day 11: Take it slow. Tomorrow is known as one of the worst travel days of the year. Be careful when you head out on the road to see your families this holiday.

Day 12: Pull over or stay home. We know going to see family is important, but if the roads are bad, wait it out. Your family would rather you be safe and sound.