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The 2019 T-Mobile Home Run Derby took place on Monday, July 8, and the evening was full of new records, rookies and, of course, runs. To celebrate, the Caliber Collision team is here to break down the contest's stats with some car comparisons and automotive analogies that’ll level the playing field between All Stars and automobiles.

The Winner
New York Mets first basemen, Pete Alonso, walked off in all three rounds to win the 2019 Home Run Derby, becoming the first Mets’ player to win (aside from a tie between Darryl Strawberry and Wally Joyner in 1986). The Mets introduced a bullpen car based on a golf cart with an oversized team hat in 1967, and the baseball-shaped bubble sold for $112,500 in auction in 2015.

Alonso, nicknamed the “Polar Bear,” was born in Tampa, FL, and attended the University of Florida. And while Alonso weighs in at 245lbs, the largest male polar bear weighed about the same as the 2016 Chevrolet Spark—more than 2,200lbs.

Total Mileage
During the Derby, home run baseballs traveled a total of 130,779 feet, or about 24.8 miles. This is the equivalent of about 4,400 bats lined up, or 740 Honda Civics parked bumper to bumper.

The longest single home run was hit by Vladimir Guerrero Jr., traveling 488 feet, the same distance you could travel going 65mph on a highway in 5.12 seconds.

Hardest Hit
In addition to distance, statisticians and baseball enthusiasts alike also consider how hard the ball was hit by measuring the exit velocity. Guerrero Jr. blew us away again with his astonishing 114mph hit, nearly matching the top speed of a Nissan Rogue.

Average Age
This year’s Derby was one for the rookies, with the average batter age coming in at a record 25.26 years old. In the auto world, cars that are older than 25 years are considered classics, according to The Antique Automobile Club of America. When a car is considered a classic, it can qualify for special insurance rates, a classic license plate and bragging rights.

The derby’s youngest participant, Guerrero Jr., came to bat at just 20 years old. The rookie shares his birth year with several notable cars—the 1999 BMW 3 Series, the F-150 Lightning and the top-selling Toyota Camry. Guerrero also shares his birth month with the release of “The Matrix,” featuring a 1965 Lincoln Continental, a 1968 Mercedes-Benz W115, a 1996 Land Rover Range Rover P38A and others.

While the Home Run Derby may be over, baseball season is just getting started. There’s still time to tour some of our favorite stadiums this summer and—regardless of your favorite team—a road trip to the ballpark is always a good idea. However, if you find yourself hitting dingers or grand slams outside of the ball park and on the road, remember your hometown team for collision repair is here—Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.®