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Did you know that nearly one in four people name their car? On top of that, 17% of people decorate their ride with bumper stickers. Today, car owners have endless opportunities to customize and personalize their automobile, but how far is too far? Gone are the days where a simple paint job could rev the engine of an individualistic roadster. Now, our team at Caliber Collision has uncovered some of the wildest trends in car customization and fixed up a list of our favorite automotive add-ons.

Fast and Furious Facial Hair
You’ve heard of muscle cars, but have you ever seen a mustache car? The pink mustache trend began in 2012 when Lyft drivers began using them to differentiate their cars, and many individual drivers followed suit. In a matter of months, people began to decorate their cars with eyelashes, tails, reindeer antlers, bunny noses and more. Unfortunately, many of these trends are dangerous because they can block the radiator and cause the engine to overheat, or cover part of the driver’s front license plate. While furry accessories may be tempting, we recommend leaving the decorations off your ride while it’s on the road.

Funky Fresheners
In 1952, Canadian-born chemist Julius Sämann invented the famous Little Trees air freshener. The invention came about when a milk truck driver complained to him about the unpleasant smell of spilled milk in his vehicle. These tree-shaped fresheners have been hanging around ever since, and are available today in Black Ice, New Car, Vanillaroma, and other standard scents. However, people have swerved out of traditional fragrances and into those of the questionable variety. With a quick search online, you can uncover bacon, turkey leg, fresh feet, corn dog and even bigfoot scented fresheners. Despite all the outrageous options out there, we think we’ll stick to the classics.

Vroom Vroom Vroominator
Have you ever craved the sound of a revving engine, but lacked the horsepower to hear those pistons firing? Have no fear, the Vroominator is here. This device can be plugged into the DC adapter of your car and will sync with the alternator signal. Through your radio, you’ll hear the purr of a Shelby Mustang V8 as you cruise, and the roar of a Ferrari Enzo as you accelerate, providing the complete sports car soundtrack, without the price tag. The best part? The sounds only play inside of your car so that your neighbors and fellow roadsters aren’t distracted.

Sassy, Scary and Silly Stickers
Bumper stickers have been around for quite a while now, but they’ve recently become more prominent, even extending to other areas of the car. While most sticker owners use this accessory to voice an opinion, political view or a passion, some have taken a bit more creative liberty with sticker usage. From family names and flower patterns, to faux bullet holes and shattered glass, there’s no shortage of creative options for the exterior of your car. Just remember, some states have laws regarding sticker placement, so be sure to check out your state’s laws before you peel and press.

Vivacious Visors
Summer months are fast approaching, meaning cars left in the sun can approach temperatures of 130 degrees or more. The best way to prevent a car from overheating is by shielding it from the sun with a windshield sun visor. While these inventions are typically made from a reflective silver material, trendsetting travelers use more creative surfaces to customize their car even while it’s in park. After all, who says blocking the sun has to be boring? You can opt to rep you’re your favorite sports team, pet pattern, famous faces and more. Some of our favorites include the Golden Girls shade, driving pet visor, and a long list of cartoon eye window covers.

We understand how much your car means to you—even with a mustache. We’re car people too after all. Regardless of how you make your car your own, nobody likes the accessories left over from an accident. If a crash cramps your style, leave it to our experts when it comes to Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.®