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Fasten your seatbelts and ditch your real belts, Thanksgiving is officially around the corner. We’re fired up for another full day of friends, family and feasting. Our collision repair experts aren getting in the swing of the season and reflecting on all they have to be thankful for – especially in the auto industry. Follow along as we pass a helping of automotive advancements to be thankful for in 2018.

Dampening The Decibels
While the sound of a roaring engine is gets us revved up, our neighbors sometimes don’t share that appreciation. To help preserve the peace, Ford is offering a new Quiet Mode function for the updated 2018 Mustang that helps tame those horses to a subdued whisper when activated. Once out of earshot the driver can fine-tune the system according to selectable levels of audible aggression, including sport and track modes. We’re always in favor of having more choice when it comes to your ride, and Ford has given us something even the neighbors can be thankful for.

Beam Me Up
Headlights may no take up much real estate, but they’re the only thing between you and a crash when driving at night, and we’re all for better headlight tech. Instead of being limited to halogen-only lights, innovations like LED and Xenon bulbs have changed the game for headlight efficiency. Several cars now come equipped with adaptive bulbs that turn with the road to illuminate around corners, while auto-high beam systems will keep you from blinding other drivers but maximizing your view of your surroundings. Beaming? You bet we are.

It’s All Connected
Connected smartphone systems are becoming a standard feature in cars rolling off the lot nowadays, and knowing the must-have apps has never been more helpful. Features like remotely locking and unlocking doors, observing fuel and tire pressure, and even traffic forecasting can turn your dashboard into a HUB for all things auto. These connectivity developments are definitely good news, and will make the drive back home during the holidays that much easier.

Incredible Infotainment
Speaking of connectivity, Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto are top-of-the-line when it comes to infotainment systems. Just by plugging in, your smart phone replaces your dashboard’s default screen with a more familiar format. Simplified control schemes make accessing music, maps and your phone's built-in voice-control features while avoiding the usually-convoluted system that comes standard. In fact, a large majority of manufacturers have already guaranteed support for at least one or both systems. So, be sure to stay plugged in here for the latest on infotainment advancements.

Driving Teen Tech Forward
For all of the stressed-out parents on the verge of giving their teen full rein behind the wheel, some clever new tech might ease your mind a little bit. Several cars now come equipped with teen driver limitations built in that can not if you if the car is driven over a certain speed, disable the stereo if seatbelts aren't used and even throttle the stereo volume. And, if you’re looking for a little extra to hang on the fridge, Chevrolet's Teen Driver feature even creates a report card that tells parents if safety systems like ABS or forward collision alert have been triggered.

Just like a Thanksgiving meal, we’re always hungry for inventions and innovations in the auto world. And if 2018 is any indication, the road ahead promises to be a cornucopia of amazing developments. And, just like the industry we serve, Caliber Collision is evolving just as quickly to not only keep up, but to lead the pack when it comes to collision repair and restoring the rhythm of your life.

From all of us at Caliber Collision, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving!