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It’s no surprise that those of us at Caliber eat, sleep and breathe all things collision repair – it’s just in our nature. But, sometimes, Mother Nature pulls us away from our post and tells us to look up toward the heavens. And unless you’ve been living your days in the dark, then you know exactly what we’re talking about: the Total Solar Eclipse happening on August 21, 2017.

This coming Monday, for only a few minutes, the path of the moon will intersect with that of the sun, completely blotting out our favorite star and casting a shadow across the U.S. from coast to coast. This is the first time in 38 years that the U.S. has been in the path of a full eclipse, and to get the best view possible, you’ll have to be in the “line of totality” right as the eclipse hits, which means you’ll probably have to hit the road. So, for those of you looking to make the trek, we thought we’d shed some light on some of the best places to see the solar eclipse.


Check any eclipse list, and you’re sure to find Madras, Oregon. Regarded as THE best place to see the eclipse, this tiny little town promises a big show from stars in the sky and stars on the stage, like local tribute bands to Aerosmith, Heart and Tom Petty.

Time of Eclipse: 10:19am


It’s no mystery why the Astronomical League is hosting its annual Astrocon Conference in Casper mere days before the eclipse. Casper is known for its consistently clear weather forecasts and its vastness makes for undeniably beautiful views.

Time of Eclipse: 11:42am


Nicknamed “Eclipseville,” Hopskinsville is promoting itself as “the point of greatest eclipse.” And while there isn’t much scientific proof to back that up, we can’t deny Hopskinsville is one of the longest-eclipsed cities in the country at 2 minutes, 41 seconds.

Time of Eclipse: 1:24pm


America’s most-visited National Park is about to get a lot more visitors on August 21. The Clingmans Dome Trailhead parking area will be converted into a viewing sight, offering a line of sight right in the line of totality. So, we encourage you to set up, settle in, and maybe even bust out some of those top-tier tailgating techniques.

Time of Eclipse: 2:35pm


Columbia is probably the largest city in the line of totality, so, expect visitors from all along the East Coast. But with them comes an out-of-this-world experience complete with space-themed activities and performances from the Philharmonic.

Time of Eclipse: 2:43pm

As we mentioned earlier, the eclipse will only be around for a few minutes, and then it’s lights out again until 2024. So, even if you can’t make your way to one of these watch-spots, we encourage you take a break from your work on Monday, step outside and see the solar eclipse in all its glory. Just, when you do, don’t forget to wear proper protective solar viewing glasses.

We hope you enjoy this scientific phenomenon as much as we will. And, if on the way to scientific wonder, your car happens to intersect with the path of another, you can always give us a call get you back on the road and back to the rhythm of your life.