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A new car is likely the second largest purchase you’ll ever make. How then, with so many factors in play, do you arrive at the best time to buy one? With these tips in hand, and a little bit of luck on your side, the perfect time to buy a car is headed your way.

Shop Early in the Week – Visiting when the dealership is slow means they’ll give you’ll get their full, undivided attention. Plus they’ll be more eager to make a sale.

Make Offers at the End of the Day – Ready to get in their own car and go home, salespeople will be less likely to spend hours in negotiation by this point. Come prepared with a reasonable offer and both of your lives will get a whole lot easier.

Visit at the End of the Month/Quarter – You may be the only thing standing between the salesperson and a nice bonus for reaching their sales goal. Nothing will get you a great deal faster.

Wait for Outgoing Models – Late summer and fall is when the new-model-year vehicles hit the inventory. Dealerships are more likely to accept a lower offer during this time to clear up space on the lot.

Save Big at the End of the Year – The mother of all savings opportunities, the end of the year is the perfect mix of looming sales goals, bigger holiday bonuses, outgoing inventory and salespeople ready to head home and celebrate. Shop around this time and chances are you’ll soon be celebrating too.

So what’s the consensus? The best time of the year to buy a car is when you need one. There are always ways to save, even if pushing it back a bit could save you slightly more. But no matter what time you start looking, always do your homework and be prepared to walk if the deal isn’t right. More often than not, they won’t let you make it to the door. Good luck and happy shopping.