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This month, Caliber Collision celebrates National Safety Month – a time to bring awareness on ways we all can be safer in our everyday lives. Caliber is committed to keeping local communities safe and sound, by consistently offering high-quality repairs and great customer service, all in part of our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.

Maintaining good safety habits while driving is crucial to your well-being, as well as other people on the road. Here are a couple of tips to remember to keep you and nearby drivers safe on the roadway.

•Always remember to wear your seat belt before driving

•Perform safety checks on your vehicle to make sure it is operating properly, such as checking lights, fluids, wiper blades, tires, etc.

•Never use a mobile device while operating a vehicle

•Follow the speed limit and be aware of oncoming traffic signals

•Encourage yourself to engage in defensive driving

As we all return to the roadways, be sure to practice safe driving habits for yourself and other drivers on the road. To learn more tips on how you can be safe, visit National Safety Council’s site at https://mycardoeswhat.org/.