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Try These Effective Car Deep Cleaning Tips

Winter’s almost over! That means it’s time for a fresh start. But hold on! Don’t just clean out your garage and dust off the shelves. Take the time to do a car deep cleaning and ensure your fresh start follows you wherever you go this spring. After all, taking care of your car is just as important as taking care of your living space.

Learn tricks for everything from car interior cleaning to car headlight cleaning. Remember: a little effort produces big results. So, gather all the evidence of fast food from your floorboards, clean out the fall leaves from under your windshield wipers, and get ready for warm, springtime adventures.

Interior Car Deep Cleaning Tips

Let's start from the inside out. Here’s a helpful checklist for interior car cleaning in case you need the guidelines:

  1. Start by removing old junk. Discard old receipts, recycle water bottles, and look for trash and other items in cupholders, center consoles, in between seats, and underneath floor mats.
  2. Shake off your floor mats outside. Use a shop vac or your home vacuum hose to remove dirt from upholstery.
  3. Clean hard to reach spaces like air vents, dashboard, and buttons with the perfect tool: a little putty.
  4. Kick your car interior cleaning up a notch by getting rid of the fingerprints and haze on your windows. Use a commercial window cleaner, like Windex, or mix one part white vinegar with one part water for a homemade solution. Apply a spritz and use a microfiber cloth to ensure every little speck of dust and oil are removed.
  5. Stains on your fabric? It might be time to do a deep clean of the seats. You can use a spray bottle of upholstery cleaner and a scrub brush or, if you really want to freshen things up, use a steam cleaner.
  6. Finally, for things that the eye can't see, disinfect your car to leave it smelling fresh while also ridding your car of microscopic organisms. Use disinfectant wipes to get rid of germs from commonly used services like the steering wheel and door handles.

Car Organization Tips

After all the work you've done to get your car spotless, make it easier to maintain this pristine state by keeping your car organized.

  1. You can create a makeshift trash can out of a resealable cereal container lined with a grocery bag. This car hack makes it easy to clean up as you go.
  2. Another area that's easily cluttered is the trunk. Consolidate the mess into a single laundry basket or a plastic storage crate.
  3. Always remember to unpack the trunk after errands and trips. Staying on top of this will reduce your cleaning time in the future.