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Ongoing maintenance throughout the relentless summer heat is key to keeping any vehicle in tip-top shape. Depriving your vehicle of maintenance during the summertime could prove to be inconvenient for drivers in the coming months. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind during summer travel.

Check tires and tire pressure
Inspect all four tires, including spare if you have one. Look for cuts, gouges or sidewall bulges. Inflate as needed to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Check brakes
Listen for a grinding sound or vibration when applying the brakes. Braking systems include pads, rotors, shoes, drums and fluid. Service technicians can help check brake system.

Test car battery
Inspect car battery to make sure connections are clean and tight, and the hold-down hardware is secure.

Top off engine oil and car fluids
Inspect the following fluids and follow the manufacturer’s recommended products:

  • Brake

  • Transmission

  • Power Steering

  • Engine Oil
  • Replace wiper blades
    Rubber wiper blades naturally deteriorate over time. If wipers streak or fail to clear the windshield thoroughly, replace the blades.

    Make sure A/C is running cool
    Run your air conditioning and if you notice it is not running to its full capacity take your vehicle to an automotive repair shop. Also, replace the cabin filter as needed.

    Follow these simple reminders and this car care checklist to ensure your vehicle will survive the summer madness.