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As the nation's largest collision repair provider, we at Caliber Collision are committed to our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® and staying informed about the numerous ways the automotive industry is evolving. This is why we join automotive enthusiasts around the nation today in celebrating National Autonomous Vehicle Day.

An autonomous vehicle, or driverless vehicle, is defined as a vehicle that is able to operate itself and perform necessary functions without any human intervention, through an ability to sense its surroundings.

According to National Day Calendar, May 31 was established as National Autonomous Vehicle Day in 2017 to recognize the important collaboration between science and technology in this generation's automotive industry. In the same year, the United States Department of Transportation announced the opening of ten testing sites dedicated to developing autonomous vehicles. These sites were the first of their kind in our nation's history.

While innovations in driverless cars pave the way towards a unique future, we at Caliber remain dedicated to offering you what your vehicle needs right now. To learn more about our available automotive services, visit calibercollision.com/services.