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National Drive Electric Week is shifting into its 7th annual celebration this week, and the hype behind the electric festivities have never been bigger. With nearly 290 events planned across the country, there’s no denying that the electric vehicle movement has gained widespread traction in the U.S. and across the globe. If you, too, are considering ditching the pump for the plug, our Caliber experts have put together a list of the year’s top electric rides to help you flip the switch on fossil fuel.

Chevy Bolt
The Chevy Bolt, while not the most incredible display of pure electric power, still boasts a snappy amount of torque thanks to it’s fully-electric engine. This is the first relatively affordable battery electric vehicle that’s in it for the long haul – 238 miles, to be exact. Chevy has also done a commendable job on making the interior more comfortable than other contemporary compacts. Keeping in mind the $7,500 federal tax break for purchasing an electric vehicle, the Bolt easily zaps the competition.

Nissan Leaf
The Nissan Leaf is another top contender thanks to its major 2018 redesign. It now boasts an estimated 151 miles on a single charge, and sits at an even lower price point than the Chevy Bolt. The interior isn’t anything to write home about, however its ProPilot Assist system offers semi-autonomous driving with adaptive cruise control, lane centering and single-pedal acceleration/braking. Overall, this ride brings a new energy to the electric vehicle market, and makes emission-free driving a real possibility for those of us who don’t want to break the bank.

Hyundai Ioniq
The Ioniq is available in both hybrid and electric only, giving consumers more choice when it comes to making the transition. This versatile hatchback is rated to travel up to 124 miles on a single charge, and can achieve 59 mpg as a hybrid. Breaking the compact trend, the Ioniq seats five in its roomy, high-quality interior, and comes with a 7-inch touch screen along with Android and Apple CarPlay compatibility. While it’s not as peppy as other electric vehicles, the trade-off for exceptional range and a suite of standard features makes it a great choice for families.

Tesla Model X
Tesla’s answer to the SUV market, the Model X is among few all-electric vehicles that come with three rows of seating. Its electric drivetrain can reach zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds – a feat few fuel-powered cars can even claim. The Model X also has a range between 237 and 295 miles on a single charge, depending on the model. If you’re looking for a reason to break into the electric vehicle scene, the utility of this souped-up SUV makes it best-in-class.

Tesla Model S
Even though it’s the oldest model in the Tesla line, the Model S still boasts some of the best features of any electric vehicle to-date. This sedan combines a roomy, attractive interior with world-class acceleration that achieves zero to 60 mph in just over four seconds. Depending on the model, the Model S varies from 259 miles to 335 miles in regards to single-charge range, which is outstanding at any rate. True to the Tesla name, this ride's performance comes at a pretty penny, but is well worth it for consumers who would foot the bill to reduce their carbon footprint.

While electric vehicles only account for 1.5% of the current market, modern advancements in technology and roadside infrastructure are creating a movement that’s one of the industry’s biggest in decades. Events like National Drive Electric Week are growing bigger by the year, and there’s never been a more exciting time to check out the other amazing developments in the auto world.

However, no matter if your ride is state-of-the-art or tried-and-true, we all need a partner to rely on when the road gets rough. If your vehicle goes through any unexpected jolts, our collision repair experts are always amped up to restore the rhythm of your life.