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We’re only a couple weeks in, but we can already tell this football season is gearing up to be a heavy hitter. Every weekend, thousands of people will live it up in the living room, pack their local pub, or head out of town to cheer their team to victory. And while away games tend to carve a chunk out of your tailgating time, sometimes the destination is well worth the drive. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of stadiums – both NCAA and NFL – that you definitely don’t want to miss.


Located in the heart of Seattle, Washington, the Seahawks play on a level above the rest. Not only does the stadium offer spacious views of downtown, but it was specifically constructed to amplify sound. So much so, that the fans have set numerous world records for the highest decibel reading during a home game. Seahawks fans are the definition of loud and proud.


As far as stadiums go, the Rose Bowl has been a household name for decades. Home to the UCLA Bruins, the Pasadena-based stadium is rich with events and prestige. The Rose Bowl is known for hosting Olympic events, Super Bowl XI and, of course, the annual Rose Bowl, which sends the Big Ten’s and Pac-12’s top two teams into a head-to-head triumph for the trophy.


Although the name may be changing, the history will always remain. The home of the Broncos is as big as it is boisterous, having sold out every home game since 2001. And what it doesn’t have in technology, it more than makes up for in beauty, nestled between the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver at an elevation of one mile. Truly a beauty of the highest honor.


While the Oregon Ducks are typically known for their flashy uniforms, that shouldn’t overshadow the breathtaking experience of being in Autzen Stadium. Although one of the smaller stadiums on our list, its 54,000-person capacity still has no problem getting loud on game day. Plus, the sea of green fans perfectly complements the sunset sky.


You didn’t really think we’d leave out the home team for Caliber Headquarters, did you? AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, is one of the most incredible stadiums in the world – both in size and sleekness. Watch the game from the seats, or look up at the high-definition video screen spanning just less than 60 yards. Plus, with a price tag of more than $1 billion to construct, “Jerry’s World” was designed to be a football stadium first, and an incomparable venue second, hosting huge stars, like Paul McCartney.


With a capacity of 107,601, Michigan Stadium is the largest college football venue in the nation. Which is great, because it also happens to host the nation’s winningest team. But the records don’t stop there: Michigan Stadium even has the record for highest attendance at an outdoor hockey and soccer game. We guess they don’t call it the “Big House” for nothing.

No matter your team, we hope you’ll agree these stadiums are all winners in their own right. That said, we understand there are few feelings more powerful than watching your favorite team step foot on your favorite field. We wish you all a stellar season, and if you get hit hard on your way to the big game, we’ll be there to reverse the call. Because, as always, we’re here to restore the rhythm of your life, and get your car back in the game.