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Halloween is almost here and, to celebrate, our Caliber Collision team is seeking out some of the spookiest streets across the states. Whether you’re planning on roadtripping this fall, or you’re just a sucker for scary stories, our team has got some spine-tingling tales for you.

Clinton Road, New Jersey:
Dubbed as “the scariest road in America,” this street, about an hour outside of Manhattan, has been the setting for countless horror stories. Online tales tell of mutant animals, mysterious injuries, lost children and road trips gone awry after out-of-body experiences. Those who have travelled down the historic road have warned others to not, under any circumstances, get out of their car.

Route 2A, Maine:
One tell-tale way to know this Maine pathway is haunted is by its immortalization through the song, “A Tombstone Every Mile.” The narrow and winding road in Maine has become synonymous with roadside accidents and, according to counts from decades past, spooky spirits. As you travel along the route, you’ll pass through Hayneswood Woods, the site in which many drivers report picking up a young woman crying for help, only to have her disappear down the road. According to legend, the young lady is a newlywed bride who, after losing her husband in a car accident, roamed the streets looking for assistance.

Blood’s Point Road, Illinois:
If you can get past the trees looking like humans figures and hellhounds surrounding the Blood’s Point Cemetery entrance, this road may peak your interest in the paranormal. Phantom vehicles, spirits and animals are said to come out at night and terrorize those who dare to pass. Many locals will tell you of Beula, the witch, and her black cat who walk along the roads and distract drivers along their path.

Goatman’s Bridge, Texas:
In Denton, TX, Old Alton Bridge—also called Goatman’s Bridge—sits over Hickory Creek and has been taunting travelers since its creation in 1884. According to those who have braved the journey, if you knock on the steel bridge three times at midnight, or turn off your car lights and honk three times, you may meet the infamous Goatman. This snarling goat-headed man-beast lurks in the wooded shadows and comes out when summoned.

The Devil’s Promenade, Missouri:
As if the name wasn’t scary enough, this strip between Missouri and Kansas has been a mystery to many as a result of it’s “Spooklight.” This orb of light peeks through the trees and, while it is typically green, changes in size and color. With reports dating back to the early 19th century, the mysterious glow has been haunting travelers for centuries, and no one can determine its origin. According to legend, the glow is the spirit of two Native American lovers trying to find their way back to each other.

From ghosts to ghouls and mutants to morbid spirits, for as long as there have been roads, there have been scary stories surrounding them. Whether you parade down these paranormal paths by your own accord, or find yourself in a scary collision, your Caliber Collision team is here, ready to fulfill our Purpose—Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life®.