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Thanksgiving is in the rearview, and the countdown to Christmas has officially kicked off. Along with the holiday hustle and bustle, finding the perfect present to put under the tree is sure to be on the top of your to-do list. If your loved one happens to be in love with automobiles, then we have just the things to get them revved up this holiday season. After making our list and checking it twice, we’ve come up with the perfect gifts to please anyone on your nice list.

Leather Driving Gloves
Just like tires in the winter, steering wheels could use a little extra grip when things get cold. Driving gloves are a classic gift for car enthusiasts and make for a solid stocking stuffer. During the colder months, a good pair will keep your hands warm against a cold steering wheel without sacrificing grip, unlike wool or synthetic gloves. Even during the warmer months, they’re perfect for protecting leather steering wheels from dirt and oil build-up. For a gift with year-round appeal, be sure to get a grip on a pair of these.

Smartphone Dash Mount
A simple smartphone dash mount can save you time, stress and the dangers of texting while driving. The latest mounts come with plenty of added benefit, too, like adjustable dash placement, wireless charging and Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, if you’re someone who relies on your GPS to go everywhere, it puts every twist and turn right at eye level. That way, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Key Finder
There’s no greater gift than giving peace of mind in regards to where your keys are. A key finder attaches to your key ring, syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can be tracked down using a GPS-based app. They’re even small enough to fit in a wallet or handbag, so you can keep an eye on other driving essentials, like a driver's license, before heading out. Averaging around $35, these invaluable gadgets are great for bringing a smile to friends and family of any age this holiday season.

Bluetooth Adapter for Cassette Radios
Old cars rock, but very few of them are able to rock out. Unfortunately, cassette radios don’t bring a lot to the dashboard in the digital age. Fans of classic cars are usually adamant about keeping their auto completely original, and a cassette Bluetooth adapter gives classic car owners the best of both worlds by giving their original radio the modern benefits of a Bluetooth-capable audio. The adapter goes into the radio as a normal cassette would, and syncs to your phone for playing music and hands-free calling – which is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Die Cast Model Kit
If building a car from scratch isn't quite in the budget yet, a die cast model car is the perfect way to get your fix without breaking the bank. From sports cars to monster trucks, there’s no limit to the different kinds of souped-up cruisers you build. These highly detailed kits are big enough to show off and small enough to fit just about anywhere. If your car enthusiast is into working with their hands, a die cast model car will keep them busy for hours and get years of shelf life.

That’s a wrap on our wish list for gifts. But, no matter what’s under the tree, the greatest gift of all is the chance to time with friends and family. If the weather happens to turn frightful, know that your Caliber family is always at the ready to restore the rhythm of your life and get you back to making memories with your loved ones in no time.

From all of us at Caliber Collision, here’s to a safe holiday season!