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Memorable Road Trips Start With Good Prep

Skip the flight and take a road trip adventure instead. After this year of unpredictable weather and days filled with work or school, a vacation is just what you need.

  • Before you enjoy these road trip ideas, check out these 10 things before you pull out of the driveway.
  • Or, bring in your vehicle to any Caliber Auto Care location in Texas for a complimentary trip check.

Caliber wants you to have a smooth and safe trip. Trust us, it’s easier to pack up the car with your favorite friends and family knowing you're prepared for whatever the adventure brings. Don't forget the perfect playlist and snacks!

Best Road Trips To Take In The Spring

Have your eyes set on the beach? Hankering to hike a tall mountain? A road trip allows you to do both and get the full experience. Seeing landmarks, stopping at local eateries, and taking in the scenery are all part of the journey. Here are some spring road trip ideas that will bring you by popular destinations as well as attractions off the beaten path.

Florida: Miami to Key West

Florida is the perfect place for lovers of sunshine, warm weather, and endless beaches. Enjoy palm trees and beaches around every turn and over every bridge. Starting in Miami, Florida, hop on the Overseas Highway (US1) for a short 100-mile road trip.

  1. To get things going, spend a day or two in Miami . Experience the excitement of South Beach, enjoy fresh seafood at the Bayside Marketplace, or take a tour of Everglades National Park. Continue the fun into the night at any of the numerous nightclubs for which Miami is famous.

  2. Next stop is the island of Key Largo. As the "Dive Capital of the World", venture below the water and explore the coral reefs of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park . If scuba diving is a little intense for your liking, try out snorkeling instead. Or, learn about the wildlife that inhabits the sky at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center on your way to Key West.

  3. Once you've made it to Key West, commemorate the milestone by taking a picture with the 0-mile marker . This is the southernmost point in the United States and thus it is the perfect ending point. Relax from the craziness of the road trip with a little something for everyone. Good enough for Ernest Hemingway to call it home, Key West has beautiful beaches and a lively atmosphere. Saddle up the bar at Sloppy Joe's, catch a glimpse of some dolphins, or learn about the history of the island itself.

Yellowstone National Park to Grand Canyon National Park

Explore boiling rivers, prismatic pools, sulfur springs, spot wild wolves hunting prey, see fearsome grizzly bears, and marvel at massive, picturesque peaks as you make your way through some of the earth's most beautiful natural wonders and popular parks. Drive the 921 miles from Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon National Park along I-15 S.

1. Wyoming:

Starting in the northwest corner of Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is a popular destination that won't disappoint. Patiently wait to see the Old Faithful geyser come to life (it doesn’t take that long, ~30 minutes). Old Faithful shoots 3,700 gallons to 8,400 gallons of scalding water into the air and it is an experience you won't forget. Or, pick any of the many-day hikes around the park. Before you head out, be sure to read reviews and check the backcountry situation report for up-to-date trail conditions.

2. Utah

From there, drive through Salt Lake City, Utah for some good food and brews. Requiring the purchase of food with alcohol, almost any brewery you go to in Utah will be accompanied by delicious meal options. Having fueled up, continue your adventures to Fishlake National Forest for Utah's largest natural mountain lake. Home to loads of fish and those that eat them as snacks, you're sure to see some Midwest wildlife.

As you make your way to the Grand Canyon, don't forget to stop at Zion National Park at the border of Utah and Arizona. With hikes that range from easy to strenuous, everyone can enjoy the otherworldly looks of the massive sandstone cliffs. For the adrenaline junkies there's also an opportunity to view the park's slot canyons, plus try mountain biking, rock climbing, and more.

3. Arizona

After hundreds of miles of driving, end things with a bang at the Grand Canyon. This impressive natural feature is one mile deep and about 18 miles wide. From the rim you get a view right to the canyon floor. Venture down to the bottom on foot or hitch a ride on a donkey! Take a walk along the Trail of Time to learn about the Grand Canyon's geological history. Or, hop on one of the rim trails for an out and back hike. If you want to go all the way from the rim to the river, you'll need to be prepared to camp at the bottom. Don't forget to stop by Horseshoe Bend which offers a spectacular view of the blueish-green Colorado River

Texas Tunes Trip

If you're not interested in the beaches or mountains, music and good food make for a great trip. What better place to listen to some music than the birthplace of Western swing which encompasses multiple styles of music. Whether you're into country, jazz, folk, or anything in between, Texas has it.

On any given day of the week, you can find live music almost anywhere. As you walk down the iconic Sixth Street in Austin, Texas you're bound to hear a tune or two. One of the most popular venues is The Parish, however, shows sell out quickly. Maggie Mae's is another option for finding some great live music for free. Taking up a big chunk of the block, Maggie Mae's is essentially multiple bars in one. Hop from room to room and find what suits your taste.

For a more mild evening, mosey down to Rainey Street. Made from renovated houses, Rainey street bars feel like home. Walk into any bar and you'll find good food and music to go along with it. Try the sausages at Banger's or indulge with a cocktail at Half Step.