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As we continue full speed ahead into summer, we wrap up our “How-To” series with the top tips to keep your car cool. The summer sun may be perfect for beach days, picnics and trips to the ballpark, but when it comes to your ride, roadblocking those rays can save your posterior from a scorching interior.

Plan Your Park
Regardless of where your travels take you, summer excursions can mean parking the car for long periods of time. One of the best ways to keep your car on the cooler side after a day of fun is to seek out covered parking options ahead of time. Whether it’s in a garage, under a tree or simply behind a building where the sun sets—scoping out a shaded parking spot can save you from experiencing extreme temperatures upon return.

Watch Out For Windows
Given the fact that a hot car can take over 20 minutes to cool down, it is well worth the time to cover your windows before leaving your car for the day. Cars are essentially greenhouses on wheels, meaning that sun can pass easily through windows and then get absorbed by the interior. In order to prevent heat from getting trapped in your car, the sun needs to be stopped (or at least slowed) directly from the source. You can keep the majority of the heat out of your car by using windshield shades and window covers, and by closing your sunroof shade.

Sun-Proof Your Surfaces
The hottest areas of a parked car are typically the dashboard, steering wheel and seats. To prevent the interior from absorbing all of that heat, you can add a layer of protection—similar to sunscreen for the skin. While dashboard covers are a good investment for the odd shape, a simple blanket or towel over the steering wheel and seats can prevent overheating, and can be thrown into the trunk when you’re not using them. Simply shielding your interior before you leave can save you from the pain of shifting around on a hot seat and waiting for your steering wheel to cool off before hitting the road.

When it comes to summer road trips, the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to cool your car down. By taking a few parking precautions ahead of time, you can keep your ride ready to roll. However, if more than the summer sun hits your car this season, your Caliber Collision team is here to help you stay cool—Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.®