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Canoo, the Los Angeles-based startup, has recently released plans for their 2021 Electric Vehicle (EV) subscription service—and there’s already a waitlist. On September 24, the two-year-old company published a press release unveiling their first model, the canoo, and our Caliber Collision team is revved up to learn more.

About Canoo This 400-member company was founded in December 2017 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, with another office in Silicon Valley and a Chinese headquarters in Shanghai. The company’s leaders come from positions at BMW, BMW i, Uber and Icon Aircaft, bringing a variety of backgrounds, skills and knowledge from the EV, autonomous driving and rideshare industries. Canoo’s mission is to provide electric, shared and autonomous vehicles to stay ahead of the industry’s curve, and, as trailblazing electronic enthusiasts, we couldn’t be more excited.

What is the canoo model? The company’s first model shares its namesake: the canoo. Designed and engineered in less than 19 months, the model is now ready to roll into the public for beta testing before its official launch in 2021. The canoo was built with the customer in mind to reduce wasted space, provide an affordable EV option, challenge the designs of traditional electronic cars and create a spacious and intuitive ride for the modern driver. With a top speed of 125 mph, a charging range of 250 miles, wireless software updates and modern design, this vehicle has earned the attention of automobile afficianados everywhere.

Interior By eliminating the compartmentalization of conventional cars, the canoo positions itself as an “urban loft on wheels.” The vehicle can seat seven people comfortably, with the rear seats mimicking a lounge sofa, and the from seats pulling inspiration from mid-century modern chairs. In addition to its layout, the vehicle also serves as a “smart” car, by connecting to your mobile device and enabling you to control navigation, music and temperature from there.

In terms of safety, the canoo combines advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with Driver Monitoring, enabling an autonomous ride, with the “driver” remaining in control. One of the highlights of the advanced driving vehicle is the steer-by-wire control, a feature that controls the wheels through electric signals only. With technology evolving every day in the automotive industry, the canoo proves it’s up for the challenge and comes equipped with the latest and greatest features.

Exterior Despite its SUV-like interior, the canoo’s exterior footprint is more closely related to a compact car, with a length of about 14.5 ft and width of a little more than 6 ft. The car’s frame is based on a “skateboard” architecture, housing all of the car’s critical components—specifically the batteries and electric drivetrain. This proprietary architecture will be used in all of Canoo’s vehicles to reduce research and development costs, and enable the best possible use of interior space.

According to the press release, “other companies need a cabin to be secured to a skateboard for it to drive, [but] Canoo’s skateboard is a self-contained unit which means it can drive on its own with any cabin placed on top. The skateboard frame is also set up in a way that it could support a dual, front or rear motor configuration.” From the inside-out, this vehicle positions itself as a pioneer in all aspects of technology. However—they won’t be available for purchase.

Subscription Service Canoo seeks simplicity in design, and also lifestyle. In an effort to eliminate the existing burdens of car ownership—registration, insurance, maintenance, repairs and depreciation—the company utilizes a subscription service instead of full ownership. Canoo plans to offer an app in which customers can enroll in the “hassle-and-commitment-free EV subscription for one monthly, affordable price.” Also through the app, the company hopes to offer registration, maintenance, insurance management and charging all at the press of a screen.

What’s Next? With the unveiling of their vehicle in 2019, the company officially kicked off its beta testing period. During this time, the company’s enginers will evaluate all parts, functionalities, components and systems as a whole. They will also be presenting the vehicle to the public at The Car Classic in Pasadena California on October 20.

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