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Winter is here, but Christmas is still on its way. And with it, comes the big man himself – Santa. Before he finalizes his list, you should probably make one of your own, check it twice, and make sure you’re doing everything right this winter. So, buckle up – and bundle up – as we take you through Caliber’s tips and tricks for keeping you and other drivers nice and safe, and off Santa’s naughty list.


We understand that driving in blustery conditions can be a bit flustering. But it’s important to keep up with the flow of traffic, even when the weather is worse for the wear. Too slow and too steady isn’t always best because it causes other drivers to move out of your way, making other drivers react quickly. If driving in the snow just isn’t for you – that’s okay! You can stay home where it’s warm, and wonder how they drive in a winter wonderland.


It’s important to not drive too slow, but it’s even more important to not drive too fast. When the roads are frosted, it increases your car’s stopping distance tenfold, making it much harder to react if something goes awry. When driving in winter conditions it’s best to do three things: stay alert, stay the course, and stay in control. Bottom line: If you’re seeing flurries, there’s no need to hurry.


Sometimes, you’ll walk out to your car, ready for the morning commute, and find that your car has been dowsed with snow dust. Make sure you scrape the snow off your windows, yes, but it’s also important to dust off the top. When you start driving, the snow on the top of the car can create a lot of distractions and make it very difficult for the cars behind you to see clearly. Your safe bet is to scrape all the snow off, and keep everyone safe.


In winter weather, whether it’s day or night, you want to keep your lights turned on. The mix of snow, sleet, ice and wind can drastically decrease your visibility, and keeping your lights on at all times lets the drivers around you know where you are. So, this winter, take a page from your Christmas tree, and shine bright.


Those frigid temperatures can cause car trouble flare-ups that leave your car down for the count. That’s why you want to make sure you’re performing a winter checkup that keeps your car running smooth, even when the weather gets a little rough. For help on what tasks to perform, check out our winter checkup overview. The weather is frightful outside, but you can stay safe by making sure your vehicle is running properly on the inside.

Santa will be bringing many gifts this year (maybe even some for the car lover in your life), but the greatest gift you can give yourself – and the other drivers on the road – is safety. From your friends at Caliber, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday!