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Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa is almost done checking his list to find out who drives naughty or nice. Fortunately, it’s easy to end up on the “Nice” list with a little help from your friends at Caliber. Cold weather and chaotic travel plans may be on the horizon, but keeping these tips in mind will help both you, and your wheels, keep rolling smoothly this holiday season.

Keep Those Lights On
Less daylight and more precipitation make headlights a nonstop necessity during winter. The mix of snow, sleet, ice and wind can drastically decrease your visibility, and keeping your lights on at all times lets the drivers around you know where you are. As simple as it sounds, there’s no better way to stay safe than by ensuring you’re seen. So, this winter, don’t be afraid to make like a Christmas tree and shine bright.

Chill on Idle Warm-Ups
Warming up your interior before driving is as second nature as putting on your seat belt—especially for those of us in colder climates. However, as convenient as it seems, doing so is actually detrimental to your engine. Idling engines endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear, and actually warm up much slower while wasting a good amount of fuel in the process. Instead, we recommend donning a second pair of mittens and driving right away. Your car will warm up much quicker, and you’ll save both time and gas.

Ice Scrape to Stay Safe
There isn’t anything much worse than crawling out of a warm bed in the morning to find your car still under its own blanket—of snow and ice. Make sure you scrape the snow off your windows, yes, but don’t forget to give the car roof a dusting. Snow on the top of a car can create a lot of distractions, and will sometimes even slide off to obscure your windshield when you need it most. Be sure to keep your car-top top-of-mind before heading out, and you’ll stay in the clear.

Stay In-the-Know in the Snow
Driving in blustery conditions can be flustering, even for the most experienced drivers. But, even when the weather outside is frightful, it’s important to try and keep up with the flow of traffic. Too slow and too steady doesn’t always win the race. In fact, it causes other drivers to move out of your way, forcing them to react quickly and compromises everyone’s safety. We understand that driving in the snow doesn’t always come naturally — and that’s ok! There’s nothing wrong with staying at home if it means you’ll stay safe, which is the best gift anyone could ask for.

While Santa is busy prepping his sleigh with some of the year’s best auto tech, the best thing you can give anyone on the road right now the gift of a safe trip. Unfortunately, even the warmest of holiday spirits can cool off after an unforeseen fender bender, but our collision repair experts are always at the ready to nip your cold-weather woes in the bud by Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.®

From all of your friends at Caliber Collision, happy holidays!