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Drivers, we’re living in a world, a new normal, where keeping our vehicles clean and disinfected is essential now more than ever. No matter how often you drive, knowing how to properly sanitize your vehicle is as valuable as ever.

First, use a solution that is 70% alcohol-based, according to the CDC, to wipe down high contact areas of your vehicle such as the steering wheel, gearshift, door handles, and radio knobs. Seatbelts, cup holders, and armrests may require your attention, too. Soap and water or disinfectant wipes are good alternative products to use as well. If you drive around other passengers, stay vigilant with cleaning and disinfecting, both before and after each ride is over.

Another good rule of thumb is to routinely change your cabin air filter. In many cases, filters have active microbiological material on them. Looking to change the filter on your own? Make sure the A/C system is off and while wearing gloves and a face covering, follow a few easy steps to change the air cabin filter. Lastly, place the worn cabin air filter in a sealed bag and dispose of it properly.

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