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To us at Caliber, Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® typically means—and, as our purpose, manifests itself by—repairing a fender-bender on a vehicle or giving back to the communities we serve through programs like our annual food drive. Yet, some days Caliber teammates find themselves in a position to go above and beyond to help – particularly in critical moments where minutes or even seconds matter.

Take Protech, a partner of Caliber. Last month, while visiting a Caliber Collision center in Rockwall, Texas, a number of Caliber and Protech teammates (namely Alfonso Ugalde, Brian Roth, Byron Mitchamore, Greg Longanbach, Gustavo Jimenez, Jake Bellwood, and Jimmy Miller) were discussing a vehicle repair when a nearby crash caught their attention. According to Longanbach, Protech’s Area Manager, the horrific sound was “the loudest thing I have ever heard.”

All seven men quickly raced over to the crash site to evaluate the scene. Working as a team, Bellwood removed and handed his shirt to Longanbach, who then applied it as a tourniquet to one of the driver’s arms, whose main artery had been cut. Jimenez, Miller, and Ugalde simultaneously rendered assistance to the other passengers involved in the accident.

As the passengers appeared to have multiple compound fractures, a broken hip, and other injuries among them, Mitchamore and Roth directed traffic to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and fellow teammates and clearing the way for EMS. According to the first EMT on the scene, the quick work and action on the part of these teammates helped to save at least one life that day. Caliber is proud of the efforts and the courage displayed by each of them, knowing that they’ve embodied living up to our purpose.