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The ball has already dropped in Times Square, but companies and start-ups will continue dropping new innovations and inventions all throughout 2020. And, while we’ve already rounded up some of our favorite 2020 models to hit the streets, the new year’s top technologies are still being released every day. So, as you finalize your list of resolutions, our tech-savvy teammates are gearing up for the five innovations were excited to see in this year’s trip around the sun.

Virtual Reality Entertainment:
Companies such as Ford, Audi and Porsche are paving the way in VR entertainment by testing out some of holoride’s in-car VR and XR systems, and we are virtually ecstatic. holoride’s vision is to turn everyday car rides into “moving theme parks” through immersive experiences using real-time physical feedback of the vehicle you are riding in. The company’s elastic content adapts to every route length and type, driving style and location to create uniquely tailored experiences for each journey. Right now, the technology is for the car’s passengers, but with the rapid progress being made in autonomous vehicles, this experience may soon transform even the driver’s expedition.

Mobile App Controls:
While mobile automobile apps have been around for some time, more automakers are turning to the handheld controls each and every day and working to advance their capabilities. Currently, these apps have the ability to lock and unlock your ride, start your car, check diagnostics and control internal systems. Some tech experts predict that 2020 may be the year that these apps become more capable and less expensive. Since vehicle software is becoming easier to update, newer car models will be able to keep up with technology changes and adapt to the latest and greatest features.

Comprehensive Vehicle Communications:
When you think of your car, “communicator” is likely not the first word that comes to mind. But—in the years to come—cars are expected to be able to communicate with everything in order to keep the roads safer and drivers more efficient. Qualcomm, a telecommunications equipment company, is developing 5G-ready cellular communication equipment that will allow cars to send messages to pedestrians and infrastructure. Systems like this may notify pedestrians when a car is coming their way, or drivers when a traffic light is about to change. As cars continue to evolve and get smarter, they will likely be able to communicate with every aspect of the road around them.

Heads Up Display:
The majority of road accidents are cause by distracted drivers and user error. One of the most common forms of distraction is the driver’s tendency to take their eyes off the road to check speed, fuel levels, music controls and other notifications. To combat this, carmakers and innovators alike are working to create standard and add-on technology that displays important information in the driver’s direct line of sight—Heads Up Displays (HUDs). Using projector-like systems, this technology can create a windshield dashboard in the least distracting, minimally invasive way possible.

Keyless Cars:
From the first push-to-start key, auto innovators have been working to make the driving process simpler and safer through a variety of keyless options. The latest technology predicted for 2020 plans to make even more models key-free, and some companies are even introducing biometric vehicle access. Through these sensors, the need for a key fob would be eliminated entirely and replaced with biometrics. Driver’s would be able to lock and unlock or start their car with a simple scan of the eyes or fingerprint. If it sounds just like your latest smartphone, that’s because it is exactly the same concept—only even cooler.

As we rev up for another exciting year of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life®, we are excited to see all of the ways carmakers and innovators improve safety, accessibility and convenience for drivers on the road. No matter which technologies you choose to equip your car with, remember that your teammates here at Caliber Collision are excited to get you back on the road to wherever 2020 takes you.