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As the end of the year approaches, you may already be thinking about your new year’s resolutions. At Caliber, we’re committed to our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® in the most unexpected times. In keeping with it, here are a few auto-centric resolutions to consider to keep your car in great shape longer.

  • Reduce Driving Distractions

Safe driving is something important we all realize, even if we don’t adhere to it always. Minimizing your cell phone use when driving will improve your attentiveness to road hazards and keep you safer on the way to where ever you’re going. Using a device-holding gadget or putting your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode can help reduce cell phone distraction so there’s less risk while driving.

  • Stay on Top of Your Car Maintenance Schedule (Including Oil Changes)

Oil changes are critical to good car maintenance. Staying on top of scheduled maintenance will ensure the proper care of your vehicle so that it’s in safe working condition longer. Caliber Auto Care, for instance, offers services that make it easy for you to get your car maintenance done in one place so you can be back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible.

  • Take Care of Your Tires

Taking care of your tires is an important step in making sure that you keep yourself—and other drivers—safe on the road. Follow your vehicles recommended schedule to know when it’s time to let a professional assess your tires and replace them in a timely manner.

Adhering to car maintenance schedules and reducing distractions while on the road truly can make a difference in the life of your vehicle—and you and your fellow drivers as well.

To learn more about our auto care services, or to find a Caliber Auto Care location near you, visit caliberautocare.com.