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From streaming music to new clothes to surprise rose deliveries, there's a subscription service for just about everything these days. And in 2017, Porsche entered into the races by rolling out its sports car subscription service to satisfy even the pickiest Porsche paramours. Today, the service has expanded from one location to five, and doesn’t plan on slowing down.

If you’re the type of person who always wants to keep up with the latest and greatest tech and be the first to know about a new model hitting the markets, Porsche Passport may be the next on-demand service on your list.

What is it?
Using a mobile app and concierge delivery, Porsche gives its Passport members access to a garage full of models to meet their every automotive need. Whether you are picking up your kids from school, going on a first date or riding in style to an event, Porsche Passport agents will determine the perfect model for your next trip.

Where is it?
The Passport program has garages in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego and Toronto, with other areas planning to rev up soon. Since the Porsche concierges deliver cars straight from their geared-up garage to your home or office, the areas of service are limited to about a 15-mile radius from its hubs.

How does it work?
Porsche Passport members can request a new vehicle from the mobile app and swap out their current ride for a another model to meet their current capacity, style or scenario needs. From Caymans to Panameras, Boxters to Macans, Passport members can swap out their car as frequently as they’d like with any one of the current year’s models offered in their garage. There is no limit on the amount of times you can swap out your vehicle, and you can even include an additional driver on your plan.

How much does it cost?
Driving in Porsche style does come with a pretty pricetag. There are two memberships available: Launch or Accelerate. The Launch plan will run you $2,100 per month and includes access to eight models. The Accelerate plan costs $3,100 per month, and includes an additional 11 models. Pricing does not include tax or the $595 activation fee, but it does cover $1 million in liability insurance, a $1,000 deductible for drivers, roadside assistance and maintenance, personal concierge, full detail washes with every flip, 2,000 miles per month and unlimited car exchanges.

What’s next?
Are car subscriptions the future of automobile driving? Rather than the traditional methods of buying or leasing, this third option allows you to change cars based on the day’s need. As Porsche explains it, this method is for a “Change of habit. Not heart.” And, with today’s lifestyles being continually changing and on-the-go, this may just be the perfect solution. Seeing this trend develop, other car makers have joined the race (or plan on entering soon) as well, including the Access program by BMW, Audi Select, Canvas, the Mercedes-Benz Collection and others.

With car subscriptions giving you the power to change rides at your fingertips, the opportunities to ride, switch and ditch are endless. But, while you can bounce around from car to car, bouncing back from a collision isn’t always so simple. That is why our Caliber Collision team is here to get you back on the road by Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life®.