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Fire up the grill, pull out your jersey and clear your weekend plans – football is officially in season. To kick the festivities off, we’re making the drive from coast to coast and stopping by some of the country’s most famous NFL fields. With everything from amenities to attitude, these all-star stadiums take the game to the next level and are well worth the drive for any patron of the pigskin.

CenturyLink Field | Seattle, WA
Our first stop in the heart of downtown Seattle also ranks first in the decibel readings. CenturyLink Field is famous for its raucous crowds, and even broke the record for loudest open-air stadium. While the fans are as rowdy as they come, the stadium was actually built to amplify noise. Steep seating and canopied sections act like a megaphone during game time that’s notorious for even giving television commentators a hard time.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High | Denver, CO
Built in 2001, Sports Authority Field at Mile High still looks and feels brand new in 2018. One of the first to implement wider seating and more leg room, this stadium gives fans more room to unwind or get wild during the game. When your eyes aren’t on the scoreboard, they’ll be on the surrounding Rocky Mountains with a view that’s one for the playbooks.

AT&T Stadium | Arlington, TX
AT&T Stadium is a monument to how everything is done just a little bigger in Texas. However, in this case – more than just a little. The home of the Dallas Cowboys houses roughly 100,00 fans, is the largest domed stadium in the country, and came with a $1.3 billion price tag. The field’s crown jewel is an HD video screen that spans nearly 60 yards, giving even the nosebleed seats an up-close look at the action. For both die-hard and fair-weather fans, this stadium’s sheer size easily makes it worth the trip.

Lambeau Field | Green Bay, WI
Lambeau Field is among the most storied stadiums in NFL history. Since its opening in 1957, Lambeau has undergone plenty of renovations to stay relevant, and acts as a time capsule for American football through the years. The Packers have called the field home since the beginning, and its easy to see why after just one game there. Even if you’re not a fan of the green and gold, Lambeau holds a holds a special place in the history of football, and even America itself.

Heinz Field | Pittsburgh, PN
After traveling all the way from the West Coast, we make our final stop at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Located on the banks of the Allegheny River and across from the scenic skyline, Heinz Field gives fans an authentic, unforgettable football experience. From giant ketchup bottles perched on the scoreboard to a sea of “Terrible Towels,” this stadium is an all-inclusive look at what makes football special. Unfortunately, winter weather can dampen some fans’ enjoyment, especially if you’re not acclimated to the cold, so we’d recommend making the trip sooner in the season rather than later.

While this is just a short list of our favorite fields, there are plenty of stadiums out there to choose from – each bringing their own personalities into play. If you get the chance, we recommend watching the hits fly at your own home stadium at least once this season for the full experience. That being said, we know some hits don’t always happen on the field. If you happen to get sidelined out on the road, our collision repair experts are all MVPs when it comes to restoring the rhythm of your life.