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Whether you want or need a vehicle change, finding the right fit can be a lengthy and expensive process. Taking a strategic approach to purchasing a used car can help you ease stress and save thousands. Part of our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® means helping you make your used car buying experience as easy and effective as possible. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when buying a used car.

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget that works with your financial situation is essential to your used car buying process. Be sure to consider potential additional expenses, such as getting an official inspection and title transfer fees. When determining whether your savings will cover all expenses or financing is the best option for you, ensuring your finances are squared away will help you make informed decisions throughout the process.

Determine What Meets Your Needs

Are you looking to save gas? Or do you need more space for a growing family? It is essential to know what used car type will meet your needs. Despite common misconceptions, the used car market has a variety of vehicles in great condition that offer exactly what buyers are looking for.

Check the Vehicle’s History Report

Unless you know and trust the seller to share the car’s history, it’s a good idea to get a vehicle history report to know about any previous issues. Using the vehicle identification number, or VIN, on a free report website can reveal vital information about the car. This can include whether the odometer has been rolled back or if it has a salvage title, which means it has been declared a total loss by the insurance company. Keep in mind you may also need the car’s license plate number. If you are purchasing a used vehicle from a dealership, you may be able to request this report for free.

Get an Official Inspection

An official state inspection can help you ensure the used vehicle meets state requirements to operate safely on the road. Consider this expense as an additional layer of protection for you as a buyer to avoid unforeseen issues and extra expenses. Our expert teammates at Caliber Auto Care offer state inspections in each of their centers.

Taking these extra steps to prepare for the used car buying experience can help ensure you have a successful experience and get the most long-term value for your investment. For state inspections and other car care services, visit caliberautocare.com to find a Caliber Auto Care center near you.