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As the nation's #1 collision repair company, it only makes sense that we keep up with the nation's #1 automobiles. The year is still young, but that hasn't kept our collision repair experts from rounding up the best of best on the road so far in 2018. From cars and trucks, to crossovers and EVs, we've got you covered on keeping up with this year's top-performing vehicles. Buckle in, this best-of is sure to be one for the books.

Car: Chevy Impala

Looking to live large? The Chevy Impala provides a driving experience of a luxury sedan without the luxury price. The 2018 base model has all of its bases covered, with the addition of a rearview camera, keyless functionality and Chevy's handy MyLink infotainment system. From snappy handling, to plush interior trim, the Impala was practically made to make an impression, especially since it's one of the largest sedans on the market. Toss in strong resale and reliability ratings, and it's easy to see why the Impala continues to be a big deal in 2018.

Eco-Friendly: Chevy Bolt

The future of auto manufacturing is looking greener by the year, and Chevrolet is staying at the forefront of this trend with models like the Chevy Bolt. This hatchback is putting purely electric cars on the map in terms of performance and long-distance viability. With a 250-mile electric range, the Bolt significantly surpasses many of its battery-powered counterparts by nearly 100 miles. Speaking of juice, the Bolt's brisk acceleration and tight handling are sure to satisfy even the most performance-minded drivers.

Crossover: Honda CR-V

Honda's compact crossover, the CR-V, perfectly blends big thinking with practical sizing. This year's model is a triple threat, packing a host of high-tech equipment, improved fuel economy (30 mpg combined) and copious cargo space. Comfortably seating five, this small-yet-spacious SUV is at the top of the list in terms of safety and is a safe bet for families and single drivers alike. For buyers who don't mind trading a little speed for a long list of features, the 2018 CR-V is the cost-consious crossover we've been waiting for.

SUV: Toyota Highlander

For families looking for a roomier way to hit the road, the 2018 Toyota Highlander brings a cabin full of reasons to make the upgrade. The Highlander stands out among its SUV peers with an all-around better driving experience. Improvements in performance, fuel economy (23 mpg combined) and safety features make this year's model a fantastic choice for buyers looking for a well-rounded, highly functional three-row SUV. Large enough for eight passengers and small enough for hassle-free parking, the Highlander is as impressive in the deets as it is stylish in the streets.

Minivan: Toyota Sienna

Speaking of minivans, the 2018 Toyota Sienna reminds us why they're a viable - albeit stylish - alternative to bulkier sport utility vehicles. Comfortability and a respectable fuel economy are among a long list of positives for this people mover, as well as a surprisingly snappy all-wheel-drive system seldom seen in its counterparts. The Sienna seats up to eight in its nicely furnished interior, with top versions even offering second-row lounge seating that prove there's nothing "mini" about this van. Furthermore, its abundance of advanced safety features make the 2018 Sienna's appeal abundantly clear.

Truck: Ford F-150

The best-selling truck in America for more than 40 years, the F-150 continues its trend of being equal parts innovator and workhorse. This year's model continues to pull ahead of the pack with an all-new aluminum-body construction and turbocharged six-cylinder engine. This handsome hauler is fit for anything from commutes to cattledrives, and it can all be done in style with more than 100 customizable features. The 2018 model even keeps trailers top-of-mind with Pro-Trailer backup assist technology. With a sleek design update, this year's F-150 isn't only the best-driving, but the best looking truck both on and off the road.

Honorable Mention: Tesla Model 3

Before wrapping up, we couldn't leave without at least mentioning another 2018 model that's making headlines. Surrounded by years of hype, the Tesla Model 3 is already considered the most anticipated car ever. With a $35,000 price tag, the sedan is Tesla's first real attempt at a mass-market electric car, finally giving average buyers access to what has essentially been and elite brand for years. Since preorders were so popular, the Model 3 won't become readily available in the near future, but to see Tesla steering toward a wider audience definitely has us fired up for the future of the auto industry.

With a refreshing blend of familiar faces and next-level newcomers, this year's top car lineup is a sign of good things to come in 2018 and beyond. If you find yourself looking for a few more familiar faces, our Caliber Collision experts are happy to greet you with a smile - along with unbeatable collision repair service. Whether your ride is factory fresh or a family heirloom, if the worst should happen, know that we'll be here to restore the rhythm of your life and get you back on the road.