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While the holiday season is full of fun festivities and folklore, perhaps one of the most iconic Christmas figures is Santa Claus and his sleigh. Each year, this jolly, bearded man double checks his naughty and nice list and flies from the North Pole to deliver presents to kids all over the world. On the night before Christmas, Mr. Claus gathers his reindeer, loads up his sleigh and flies from chimney to chimney delivering gifts.

But what would happen if the famous flying sleigh were to experience some trouble under the ho-ho-hood? Without a Caliber Collision team of elves in his winter workshop, Santa would need to seek out a substitute sleigh. Luckily for him, our Caliber Christmas Crew has stocked up a garage full of second-string 2020 sleighs for the season.

Hitting Every House on Time: Speed Some calculations have estimated that Santa’s sleigh can travel at 650 miles per second—3000 times the speed of sound. And while we’ve yet to find another vehicle that can travel that fast, the 2020 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 certainly leaves other road models in the snow dust. With a top speed exceeding 300 mph and only 30 models in production, this French sports car tops the charts—and wish lists—all over the world.

Pulling Presents: Towing Capacity While speed is certainly key in accomplishing this holiday hustle in one night, Santa’s journey would be pointless without his sack of presents in tow. The Ford 2020 Super Duty F-Series pickup truck has the highest towing capacity ratings in its class, making it the perfect holiday hauler every bike, ball and Barbie doll. With the optional 475-horsepower powertrain, this truck can pull nearly 19 tons of toys—the equivalent of 203,741 Rubik’s Cubes or 253,333 Matchbox cars. Perhaps even more importantly, St. Nick can order this sleigh in “Rapid Red” to match his tried and true toboggan.

A Christmas EVe to Remember: Electric Vehicle With all the elf-energy used year-round at the North Pole, Santa may be looking into a more environmentally friendly option this season. Fortunately, the 2020 Tesla Model S boasts the longest range—373 miles—of any electric vehicle (EV) to keep Santa’s power-up pit stops to a minimum. The model can accelerate from 0–60 mph in 2.4 seconds, so this sleigh has the power to skip from roof to roof in record time. Even more, the S is souped up with 360° cameras, so St. Nick can watch out for stray reindeer, imminent ice storms and low-hanging Christmas lights without leaving his frosty front seat.

Room for Reindeer: Seating Space Last up on our list of sleigh substitutions, the three-row reindeer roadster. For those shifts when the reindeer need a place to relax, the 2020 Infiniti QX60 offers ample space between the first two rows and reclining third-row seats. In addition to Santa, six reindeer can comfortably sit and enjoy the ride—making this night-long journey one of true tidings of comfort and joy.

No matter which sleigh Santa settles into this season, the holidays are a time to spread holiday cheer everywhere you go. And while the road to the new year is quite delightful, the roads outside can be frightful. If you find yourself in need of repairs this holiday season, remember your Caliber crew is here to help—making spirits bright and Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life®.