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With our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life®, we at Caliber are proudly extending our ‘Restoring You’ community and teammate program. In fact, in collaboration with our insurance partners as part of the National Auto Body Council's Recycled Rides® program, we’ll be gifting restored vehicles to frontline medical workers, medical support staff, and first responders who are helping fight the pandemic.

Why? Repairing and maintaining the vehicles of all drivers and fleet operators is what we do. During this extraordinary time, we want to recognize a particular need among medical workers, their support staff and first responders, many of whom may worry about how they’ll get to work and elsewhere for daily necessities without reliable transportation. We’re hoping—and helping—to ease this hardship by gifting newly refurbished vehicles to deserving recipients.

So, as part of our Restoring You initiative, giftings will occur in areas with concentrated needs, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and New York Metro.

How to participate
Caliber is inviting you, the public, to nominate a worthy healthcare worker, medical support staff or first responder in the aforementioned markets to receive a refurbished vehicle from a local Caliber center and teammates. Note: Nominations can be made at calibercollision.com/restoring-you and will be received through mid-October.

Since 2012, Caliber has teamed up with insurance partners to obtain and restore hundreds of vehicles to pre-accident condition. The company has gifted more than 500 vehicles to veterans, active duty service members and others in need of reliable transportation. Learn more about Caliber's history of community involvement, including NABC Recycled Rides®, on our Community page.