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What do we do when we see a neighbor in need? For one Caliber teammate, Michael Megonigal of Falls Church, Va. (outside Washington, D.C.), it was a particularly generous act of kindness at a local grocery store, as reported in The Washington Post.

Embodying our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life, Michael and his daughter noticed that a fellow shopper had trouble paying for groceries, and acted fast. Together, they decided to help out several shoppers, many of whom have been severely impacted by the economic fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic, by footing their grocery bills—to the tune of more than $2,600. It was the least he could do, Michael said, considering how blessed and truly fortunate he and his family have been. It’s also a true #RestoringYou moment, and one we’re really proud to share.

There’s plenty of good happening all around us. If you have a story of an act of kindness, we’d love to hear about it. Share your story with us on Facebook by tagging @CaliberCollisionCenters and including #RestoringYou.

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Photo Credit: Pete Marovich (The Washington Post)