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Planning a road trip this spring? Service First Automotive, a Caliber company, can take care of the most important pre-trip measures your car may need: a “trip check” vehicle inspection.

Let’s face it, the last thing any of us want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because of car trouble. Why not take advantage of Service First’s complimentary Trip Check service! Simply let one of our trained technicians inspect all safety components and major parts of your vehicle to ensure your car is running at its best…for free.

According to Josh Hill, a Service First automotive expert, here are the 10 things you’ll get with a complimentary Trip Check:

  1. Vehicle test drive. This lets us know if there are any braking concerns or vibrations.
  2. Fluid inspection. We inspect all fluids, filters, wiper blade condition, lines and hoses, as well as top off washer fluid.
  3. Tire inspection. We inspect all tire tread and condition, and inflate tires to proper PSI spec.
  4. Tire removal. If a braking concern is found—and you approve a brake check—we’ll remove all wheels to thoroughly inspect and measure the brake pads.
  5. Battery inspection. We inspect and perform a basic battery test.
  6. Leak inspection. We inspect for any leaks under/around vehicle.
  7. Maintenance check. We look for any overdue maintenance items that could possibly compromise your trip.
  8. Quick clean. We vacuum the inside of your vehicle.
  9. Visual inspection. We visually inspect all suspension components and bolts.
  10. Deep-dive inspection information. We can have a certified master mechanic further inspect any items found during your complimentary trip check.

Don’t wait; make sure you and your car are ready for the road this spring. Make an appointment at your nearest Service First location today!