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In this week’s continuing “Spring Safety Series,” our experts here at Caliber Collision discuss staying safe with your slobbery sidekicks. While we love a good spring road trip as much as the next driver, we realize the importance of taking extra precautions to keep both you—and your furry friends—safe on the road.

Paws Down: The Best Safety Tips for Pets
Whether you’re traveling to the vet, the beach, or a cross-country vacation, introducing a few safeguards to your vehicle can keep all passengers, two-legged or four, in top-dog shape.

• Keep Your Ruff Rider in the Rear: Though it may be tempting to let your pet sit in the front seat, there are a lot of reasons not to let them ride shotgun. Between open windows, front windshields and powerful airbags, if you were to make a sharp turn, quick stop or get in an accident, your pet could be severely injured.

Letting your pet in the front is also dangerous because of the added distraction to you as a driver. No matter how well behaved your pet might be, they still have the potential to block your view, take your eyes off the road, or knock into your gear stick while in motion. Regardless of how short a distance you may be traveling, it is always best to keep your pet in the backseat.

• Invest in the Right Equipment: In the same way you wouldn’t drive a car without seatbelts and airbags, you also shouldn’t drive without proper equipment to keep your paw-ssenger safe. You can find harnesses that attach to seatbelts, crates made especially for cars, motion sickness medication and everything in between online or at a local pet store. After a couple of rides with your pet, figure out what added gear they may need to stay secure and satisfied in the car.

• Consider Your Car: If you do find yourself frequently traveling with animals in your ride, consider looking into one of the top-rated autos for pets. When purchasing a car, keep your pooch in mind by considering factors such as backseat space, multi-zone temperature control, tinted windows and easily cleanable interiors.

• Prep Your Pet: If your pet has anxiety about riding in the car, it may be beneficial to spend some time prepping your pet for the road ahead. Consider taking a couple of short trips before heading out on a longer adventure, reward good behavior with treats and take time to tire out your dog with lots of exercise beforehand.

Wherever life (and your pet) takes you, safety is the number one priority. Adventuring with your best furry friend is always fun, but if you find yourself riding ruff on the road, our team at Caliber is here, Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.®