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At Caliber, part of our purpose of Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® means helping you reduce interruptions by caring for your car. Just like annual check-ups are important for good health, diagnostic tests can help detect issues before they turn into expensive repairs or even a breakdown. If you already suspect that your car isn’t running normally or your check engine light comes on, you should check in with a professional technician, like our teammates at Caliber Auto Care.

What is a car diagnostic test?
By utilizing specialized equipment, technicians can perform a diagnostic test to quickly and accurately pinpoint problem areas in your car’s engine and elsewhere.

What areas of a car can be tested?
Diagnostic tests can help locate problems within your car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes and other major components.

The knowledge and expertise of our technicians are critical to resolving issues since diagnostic tool codes are used to determine the area where the problem is located, not the exact underlying issue.

How often should you get a diagnostic test?
You should schedule a diagnostic test if the check engine light comes on, but an odd sound or an “off” feeling can also be good indicators it is time to get professional help.

Additionally, many technicians recommend taking your car in for a diagnostic test at least once a year because some issues may not trigger the check engine light, be seen or heard.

To schedule a diagnostic test service with our professional technicians at Caliber Auto Care, visit caliberautocare.com.