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Whether it’s driving in the cold winter or through the summer heat, we rely on our vehicle’s A/C and heating systems to keep internal temperatures just right. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is intended to provide thermal comfort and improve air quality within your vehicle. To promote efficiency year-round, here are some tips to maintain your car’s HVAC system.

Run the A/C regularly

Make sure to run your A/C for at least 10 minutes on the highest fan with the coldest setting once a week. Doing this throughout the year, even in the winter, can help maintain gas pressure and keep the compressor working properly.

Clean your air filter

A clean air filter is essential to maintaining the quality of air within your vehicle. When cleaning your air filter, you should make sure to shake out any dirt or debris, and if you use water, be sure the filter is completely dry prior to replacing it.

Clean away debris

Leaves and other common outdoor debris can cause your HVAC system to stop working. Clean away debris in areas like the exterior grills under your windshield and under the hood near the condenser to avoid them getting sucked into the system and clogging it.

Schedule a professional service

Schedule a service with a trained professional, like our teammates at Caliber Auto Care, at least every two years to recharge your HVAC system. A professional can also detect any malfunctions that could lead to other larger issues.

Following these tips can help your vehicle’s HVAC system work properly through extreme weather year-round. To schedule a service or receive a professional diagnostic test with Caliber Auto Care, visit caliberautocare.com.