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Football season is about to kick off, and there’s no better way to get game-ready than by firing up the grill. Tailgating is an essential part of the football experience, and it never hurts for both first-timers and long-time fans to get a head start on planning their own. To help, our experts at Caliber have huddled up with a few all-star suggestions guaranteed to make your next tailgate a touchdown.

Today’s tailgates aren’t just fueled by charcoal and cornhole. Speakers, refrigerators and televisions are all necessities when it comes to throwing the perfect party, and the last thing you’ll want to lose is juice. A portable generator is the perfect way to keep the tunes and good vibes going strong throughout the day. While deciding, prioritize the unit’s wattage and noise level. We’re all for a roaring crowd, but a roaring generator? Not so much. Try staying in the 2000 watt range, as they can power most appliances without getting flagged for excessive noise.

Adding a small television to the mix not only adds to the atmosphere, it’s also a great way to catch the pregame show or watch a few highlight reels. Pair that with a moderately priced HDTV antenna, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for nonstop entertainment. Since you’ll be outdoors and in the sun, having a top-tier resolution TV won’t do you many noticeable favors. Instead, a 720p resolution set is a great way to showcase a big screen while saving big.

Of every tip in the tailgate playbook, playing music is our go-to game winner. If you’re unsure of what to listen to, try searching for a curated “Game Day” playlist in applications like Spotify or Pandora. When it comes to hardware, don’t sweat the big stuff. Most Bluetooth speakers can pump out high-quality tunes at even higher volumes, meaning you save on space, cords and hassle. After connecting to your wireless speaker and finding a playlist, all you’ll have to do is set it and forget it until game-time.

Football season is famous for its drastically shifting temperatures, but there’s one climate you should always have control over – the one in your cooler. Through the highs and lows, a good cooler is a necessity for throwing a top-notch tailgate. Pinching pennies could spell the difference between fresh and spoiled food after a half-day of being out in the elements. To keep your party from losing its chill, look for a rotomolded option. Coolers made through this process are substantially more durable and insulated than the average alternative, and are made to keep ice from melting through the longest of overtimes.

While tailgating comes in many shapes and sizes, at the end of the day, friends and family are what make them great. Just like how having the right partner when it comes to collision repair makes all the difference. If your car happens to get sidelined this season, our collision repair experts are always at the ready to reverse the call and restore the rhythm of your life. That’s what teammates are for, after all.

From all of us at Caliber Collision, happy tailgating!