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At Caliber, we have you covered on all things cars. Last week, we shared our favorite fuel-efficient vehicles guaranteed to not drain the gas tank on your next summer road trip. But the question still remains: how will you pass time on the road? Well, if you’re anything like us, you live, sleep and breathe cars, and thanks to so many incredibly informative podcasts, we can now hear all about the auto industry we know and love. So, turn it up – and tune in – to some of our favorite car podcasts.


When Autoblog says, “We obsessively cover the auto industry,” they aren’t kidding. Hosted by Dan Roth, the Autoblog Podcast is a weekly dive into the automotive world, answering listener questions and industry inquiries with the help of some professional automotive journalists. However, unlike a lot of automotive podcasts, they attempt to strip away the preconceived notion that automotive journalists only speak in terms they would understand, and, instead, they just speak passionately about the world they love.

Tune into their most recent episode here.


Started in 1990, the Under The Hood show is a fun car-talk radio program hosted by The Motor Medics: Shannon Nordstrom, Russ Evans and Chris Carter. Every week, The Motor Medics cover everything from car repair and upkeep, to buying, selling, maintaining and just about anything else in between. Self-taught by working in their own automotive shops, The Motor Medics impart their years of wisdom, while answering questions taken from their listeners.

Tune into their most recent episode here.


CarCast is a weekly automotive podcast hosted by Matt D’Andria, lifelong automotive enthusiast, and Adam Corolla, comedian and television host, best known for co-creating The Man Show and Crank Yankers. Together, sometimes with the help of celebrity car enthusiasts, Matt and Adam explore multiple aspects of the automotive world, while injecting plenty of humor. (Sometimes, more than we bargained for.) Between the two of them, their automotive expertise spans several decades, and the listening pleasure spans countless hours.

Tune into their most recent episode here.


Every week, Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, Chris Hayes and Thad Brown sit down to discuss automotive news, racing, projects and, more often than not, anything else that happens to come to mind. They’ve become increasingly popular thanks to their helpful automotive insights, witty banter and zero hesitation when it comes to making fun of each other. The Smoking Tire is in the top three in iTunes Automotive podcasts, and often features stand-up comedians and Hollywood stunt drivers.

Tune into their most recent episode here.

That should be plenty to get your radio revved up for the next road trip. Don’t forget to check out classic programs, like CarTalk, which really put car podcasts on the map. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy sharing about our world. And if you’re ever bumping your favorite car podcast and someone happens to bump into you, call us – we’d be more than happy to restore the rhythm of your life.