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Between the radio, CDs, streaming music, audiobooks, comedy and the news, there is never a shortage of audio options on the road. And, while the possibilities for en route entertainment are endless, the Caliber Collision team is here to add a few more suggestions to your queue with our list of fan-favorite podcasts. So, whether you’re squeezing in one last summer excursion or simply heading out on your morning commute, tune in to these top podcasts to make your road trip a chart topper.

For the Curious Commuter: Stuff You Should Know
The Stuff You Should Know podcast from How Stuff Works covers everything from Samurais to smoke signals, nicknames to the number 23 and even the comprehensive history of pizza. This means that regardless of your interests, you can find an on-road overview of just about anything. The podcast series, co-hosted by Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark, began in 2008 and has since published more than 1000 episodes. Between their extensive knowledge, witty humor and deep appreciation for funny fan mail, the two SYSK hosts can turn any commute into a speedway seminar.

For the Fast-Lane Foodie: Eater’s Digest
Have you ever wondered about product placement on Stranger Things, Chipotle’s burger joint or dating apps based on what’s inside your fridge? Neither have we… that is until we started listening to Eater’s Digest. This podcast combines the latest food news with celebrity chefs, weird trends, restaurant reviews and more. If it’s food-related, co-hosts Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen will most likely serve it up on their weekly podcast platter. No matter where the road ahead of you leads, this show will have your stomach rumbling and engine rolling—so be careful if you’re listening on the way to the grocery store.

For the Speedy Sports Fanatic: 30 for 30
You may have seen ESPN’s original 30 for 30 film series, but the producers have gone the extra mile and released a podcast series as well. Beyond sports, these episodes touch on athleticism, trials, defeat and adventure, making them suitable for sports fans and non-sports fans alike. The 30-for-30 podcast series has been included on countless “Best Of” lists from major outlets such as The Atlantic, Vulture, TIME and Entertainment Weekly. For anyone looking to know more about the world of sports, be motivated and inspired or simply hear some cool stories about the world’s most athletic people, tune in to 30 for 30 on your 30-minute commute home.

For the Engine-Revving Entrepreneur: How I Built This
If you’re anything like us, you’ve sat at a red light or been stuck in traffic and thought about new ideas, inventions and innovations you’d like to create. Inside all of us is a problem-solver and a dreamer, and each week on How I Built This, Guy Raz discusses big thinkers just like us who created something that has impacted those around them. The podcast provides a narrative behind some of the world’s top—and most interesting—companies, and how they got their start. Over the past three years, Raz has reviewed the history of Yelp, walked through the narrative of Zappos, delivered the ins and outs of DoorDash and provided a lens into the legends behind Warby Parker. So, next time you find yourself dreaming in the driver’s seat, check out this NPR series and, who knows, maybe one day you could be their next featured story.

For the Car-Seated Kiddos: What if World
For those traveling with some playful passengers, there are also countless podcasts for kids and families. What if World takes the imaginary and makes it real in their weekly storytelling podcast. Based on submissions from kid-listeners, host Eric O’Keeffe (Mr. Eric) creates stories in which imaginative musings become real in a place called “What if World.” Each week, new characters and scenarios are recounted from Mr. Eric’s journey to this fantasy far away land. There are ninja sabretooth tigers, car-selling ghosts and worms wearing pajamas. Lunch ladies become octopi, the skies rain candy and unicorns live in Halloween bushes. What if World can transform any trip down the road into an excursion to an alternate universe.

Podcasts can be entertaining, informative, inspirational and even a little bit outrageous, and they are a great way to stay alert and attentive on the road. But even if your playlist is perfect, the surrounding traffic isn’t always in-tune. If you find yourself in need of collision repair, our Caliber Collision team is always here and on air, ready to fulfill our Purpose—Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life.®