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When it comes to all things automotive news, this week has done nothing short of fire on all cylinders. From shocking new endeavors to “stealth mode” for your neighbors, our favorite industry refuses to pump its brakes. So much so, that we couldn’t pick just one story to cover. That’s why we’re buckling in and heading out to shine some light on some of the top stories for this week.


First up on our list is the unofficial unveiling of the 2018 Nissan Leaf. Following teaser images recently released for the new Leaf, the electrifying new look was caught without camouflage in Spain during production for an upcoming advertisement. As predicted, the new Leaf is set to sport some pretty slick styling to make it more palatable for everyday people. Since its initial release in 2011, Nissan has admitted the original look may have been a little too original, and that the new Leaf will be redesigned with stunning looks in mind. In addition to the external makeover, the internal updates include new tech from head to toe and battery options designed to deliver an EPA range rating of more than 200 miles in hopes of competing with the 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV. We look forward to seeing the Leaf on next year’s list of lean, green gas saving machines.


For more than 50 years, the Ford Mustang has ripped and roared through our city streets, causing a ruckus around every turn – until now. Don’t worry: the classic roadster is still sporting a hefty V-8 engine, but Ford will now offer drivers, and neighbors, a new feature: the sweet sounds of silence. The 2018 Ford Mustang GT comes equipped with an active exhaust system feature, “Quiet Mode,” which allows drivers to switch to noise-reducing exhaust pipes. In addition, drivers can sport “Sport Mode,” “Track Mode,” or good-ole “Normal Mode.” And for all the purists out there: don’t worry; in its loudest setting, the GT still fires up at more than 80 decibels, letting everyone on the block know who’s boss.


It’s been more than a decade since Tesla CEO Elon Musk first promised to jumpstart the electric-car world. First, with the Tesla Roadster, then, using the profits gleaned from the sports car, create an affordable electric car for everyday drivers. And this week, he delivered the keys to the first owners of the Tesla Model 3. Tesla took on more than 500,000 deposits for the affordable Model 3, and in order to meet heavy demand, Tesla has taken every opportunity to strip out unnecessary bells and whistles, giving each and every individual piece a purpose. With this production style, Tesla hopes to ramp up production to 10,000 units per week by 2018, putting keys in hands, and people in a pure state of electric-car euphoria.

The road to all things automotive news continues to twist and turn, and we’re just happy to be along for the ride. We don’t know what exciting advancements are coming around the turn, but we do know that, no matter what, you can always turn to us restore the rhythm of your life.